Covid-19 Notice

ChiroLife patients, friends and family,

With the worst flu season in over a decade, the Covid-19 virus and seasonal allergies now

upon us, we have fielded questions about our plan to serve our patients and community.

We’re sure, like everyone on planet earth, you already know plenty about the Covid-19 virus.

It seems like most communities will have some exposure at this point. So we are taking a two

pronged approach with our plan. We are educating our patients about the vital boost in

immune function they will receive to help fight off all foreign pathogens and we are taking all

proper precautions in our office to continue serving our patients in a sanitized environment.

Allow us to explain our position from the chiropractic perspective.

There are undeniable benefits to immune function from chiropractic care . The studies confirm

an immediate boost in white blood cell production to fight all types of pathogens including

virus’, bacteria, parasites and allergens. Moreover, chiropractic adjustments balance and open

the nerves that control function of the kidneys, liver, spleen and other detoxing systems to

further improve our health and immune function. The research proves that people who get

regularly adjusted have immune systems that function 200% better than the general

population and 400% better than those with chronic conditions.

For our patients, please make sure you are scheduled. Now is not the time to miss your care.

We’ve been extremely busy for obvious reasons but will do our best to find a suitable

appointment time for you. If you have a chiropractor outside of ChiroLife, call them

immediately and schedule your appointment. If you know someone who doesn’t currently

have a chiropractor, have them call us or another chiropractor immediately.

We will continue to serve our patients with the very highest levels of hospitality and SAFETY.

This is overstating the obvious, but it’s worth repeating so there’s no confusion about your


● We sanitize all surfaces frequently, including door handles, chairs, adjusting tables,

etc., including immediately after use.

● The doctors and staff sanitize immediately following any patient contact.

● For the safety of our patients and employees, we politely ask that anyone showing

signs of sickness stay home.

● We will have a thermometer handy at the front desk for an optional self-assessment.

Please share this information with everyone you know.

Thank you all so much. We will continue to monitor the situation and update as necessary.

Yours in health,

Dr. John Ashcraft and Dr. Connor Donoghue